Welcome to the newest most hardcore challenging tower defence game in the universe. Mayor Madness tower defence game is not for the faint-hearted as you battle through over 29 AMAZING LEVELS! of the UK streets of rioters to the prison outbreaks of united states of America. Delve deep into mine ridden jungles of Asia! There is no time to stop and stare in this game as its a solid strategy game of placing the correct towers in the right places with upgrading and selling towers in a frantic bid to hold back the hordes of rioters, zombies and aliens. Correctly upgrading the towers and heroes to match the level in question is key for success! Just laying down the water tower or the same tower and sitting back and watching will not save you. Combining and controlling three heroes all at the same time and firing of special tower moves puts Mayor Madness at the top of the food chain.